Changing keyless letterbox lock

Changing keyless letterbox lock

Changing keyless letterbox lock. The customer had broken her only key, and took this opportunity to change her current lock to a keyless number lock. She had already bought her own lock beforehand.

The first panel shows the original lock with the broken key stuck inside. The second panel shows the letterbox panel with the lock removed. Finally, the last panel shows the newly replaced keyless number letterbox lock. The customer was happy with her lock, as she didn’t need to bother with broken or misplaced keys, and the hassle of having to carry it with her all the time.

Besides changing keyless letterbox locks, we can also remove broken keys lodged inside the lock. Additionally, we also replace normal letterbox locks for condominium areas, commercial offices and HDB residential areas.

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Changing keyless letterbox lock
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Changing keyless letterbox lock
After her only spare key broke, our customer decided to get a keyless letterbox lock for the replacement. This post documents the successful replacement of her new keyless number lock.
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Vincent Locksmith
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