Installation of glass door lock

Installation of glass door lock

Installation of glass door lock for a shophouse. In this case, the lock had turned rusty, which was seriously affecting its locking function. The rust had also caused the internal mechanisms to stop working. As a result, the whole lock had to be completely removed

In Panel 1, the old glass door lock was completely removed. This was then replaced with a new glass door lock body and cylinder lock, as shown in Panel 2. The last panel shows how the newly installed glass door lock looks like.

As a side note, glass door locks are commonly used to secure the entrances or exits of commercial units such as shops and offices, and can contain either a pre-installed lock or a slot for a separate cylinder lock. However, this isn’t the only lock type for glass doors. Another glass door lock type can be seen here.

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Installation of glass door lock
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Installation of glass door lock
Installation of a glass door lock for a shophouse. The lock had turned rusty, and had to be replaced with a new one.
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Vincent Locksmith
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