Opening and changing letterbox lock

Opening and changing a letterbox lock

Opening and changing letterbox lock! The customer had misplaced his keys and opted to open and change the letterbox lock. This would provide him with 2 new keys. Additionally, he could also duplicate the amount that was required.

Panels 1 and 2 show the unlocking process, while panel 3 shows the mailbox, bereft of the lock. In the last panel, the newly installed letterbox lock is shown, along with the 2 new keys provided.

We also receive cases in which the key breaks off and gets lodged inside the lock. If this happens, the lock can still be rescued in some instances by extracting the broken part. If this fails and you need to change your letterbox lock, you can contact Vincent Locksmith directly at 8812 7499. We can change both HDB and condominium letterbox locks.

However, if you’re able to insert your key, but can’t turn it fully, then you lock may need a little realignment, or clean-up. This post will show you how.

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Opening and changing letterbox lock
Article Name
Opening and changing letterbox lock
Opening and changing a letterbox lock, as the customer had misplaced the keys.
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Vincent Locksmith
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    • Hi there, can I check with you on the availability for your services during this period of CB. Mine is a HDB flat.

      Thank you so much

  • Hi, may I check if your services are available during this circuit breaker period?

    If yes, please quote for change of HDB letterbox lock after misplacement or keys.

    Thank you.


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