Opening locked doorknob

Opening locked doorknob

Opening locked doorknob, as the customer had accidentally locked it. Furthermore, the keys weren’t with her. By using our lockpicking tools, we finally unlocked it for her. Plus point – the doorknob was still fully functional.

A note for all customers: No transport charges will be collected if the lock can’t be opened. If the lock is found to be spoilt, you reserve the final right to decide what you want to do with it. Break and replace it? Sure. Leave it, as it is? That’s fine with us too!

Besides unlocking room doorknobs, we also unlock main door locks.
and tighten loose doorknobs.

Click on the video to see the entire unlocking process. For more information, contact us here or call us at 8812 7499. Or find us at Facebook!

Opening locked doorknob
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Opening locked doorknob
Opening a locked doorknob with professional lockpicking tools. The customer did not have her keys with her, when she locked the door by accident.
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Vincent Locksmith
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