Removal of broken key

Removal of a broken key from the shop door lock.Removal of broken key from a shop door! What transpired was that the key had jammed in the lock, and broke off when the customer tried removing it. Fortunately, we were able to extract it…or she would have to replace the entire lock otherwise.

Broken keys are a common phenomena in Singapore…but how come? Pretty simple. This happens because the keyhole gets clogged with accumulated dust and dirt over time, which prevents the key from rotating freely. This process is even faster if you take Singapore’s humid climate into consideration.

However, you’re in luck! Regular maintenance of your lock will reduce the chances of this happening. To do so, first spray some WD-40 into the keyhole. Then insert your key as usual, and turn it a few times to clean the keyhole of dirt and dust.

And yes: next question: how often should we carry out regular maintenance?

For locks that are constantly exposed to the external environment, or exceptionally dusty and dirty areas, lock maintenance should be carried out twice a year.  An example would be main door and gate locks that face the common corridor. For locks that are housed indoors, lock maintenance should be carried out at least once a year. An example of this would be your room door lock.

Check us out at our Youtube channel for more nifty tips! And keep this video on hand, so that you don’t need us for that removal of broken key!

Removal of broken key
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Removal of broken key
Removal of broken key from a shop door. The key had jammed and broke off when the customer attempted to remove the key.
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Vincent Locksmith
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