Replacing gate lockset

Replacing gate lockset

Replacing gate lockset for a customer. According to her, the old lock constantly jammed, and she couldn’t figure out why. Upon checking, we discovered that the gate lockset was not aligned properly, which had caused the old lock to spoil and start jamming.

We changed a new lockset, but altered it so that the new lockset could fit into the existing dimensions properly. The first panel shows the old lockset in its dismantled state. The second panel shows the replacement of the cylinder lock in progress, and the last panel the new lockset and the provided keys.

Besides replacing gate lockset, we also change the main door lock body and replace room doorknob locks. For updates on our portfolio, do remember to like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Should you need a quote, we are also contactable at 8812 7499, or through this form here.

Replacing gate lockset
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Replacing gate lockset
Replacing gate lockset for a customer, who found that the old lockset was constantly jamming and giving her problems. Some alterations were carried out on the new lockset, so that it could fit properly.
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Vincent Locksmith
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