Unlocking main door and removal of latches

Unlocking main door and removal of door latches. Unlocking main door and removal of latches. Our customer this time was an elderly man, who got stuck inside his house, after closing the door. We first unlocked the door, and soon traced the problem to a malfunctioning thumb press latch, as seen in Panel 1. With the door open, you can see the the spoilt latch more clearly in Panel 2. We then advised the customer to remove the latch for safety considerations. The same went for the gate latch, which was also spoilt. This was cut away with an electric grinder, as seen in panel 5.

Spoilt door latches are an extremely common phenomena, more so than you think – this case illustrates the replacement of a malfunctioning doorknob latch, and this case shows how a snapped latch can cause a door to be totally jammed. Yikes!

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Unlocking main door and removal of latches
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Unlocking main door and removal of latches
Unlocking the main door, as the customer was stuck inside his house. Subsequently we also removed the door latches out of consideration for the customer's age and safety.
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Vincent Locksmith
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